Employment Opportunities for 2015 season

Do you have what it takes to be part of the New Glasgow family? That is the first question you need to answer if you are thinking about applying for a position with us. It’s easy to say yes but you should really know what you are getting into before you answer too quickly.  We are a seasonal operation, we are open for the season beginning June 1st and close near the middle of October.  For many of the staff the month of June only offers part time or casual work, the shifts and hours per shift increase as the summer gets rolling. During the months of July, August and even September the work is plentiful and demanding. Although our hours of operation are only from 4-8:30 at most, the shifts are longer and during that time you are, for lack of a better phrase “working your butt off”.  It is a busy operation and on average we feed 500 people a day ! That means that you have to be ready, willing and able to bring your “A” game on a daily basis. We employ upwards to 100 employees each season and believe strongly in communication and team work. If you are not busy we expect you to  help your fellow colleges. One day they will repay the favour. We provide On-The-Job training to all of our new employees no matter the position. You will be teamed up with another employee that you will work along side of to learn the ropes. There is also plenty of room to climb the proverbial  corporate ladder as well. Many staff ( including myself) started out working on the dishwasher and have since moved into either front end staff or remained behind the scenes preparing our delicious meals. A good number of our staff return year after year, I like to think it’s because we think of our staff as family more so then employees. But no matter the reason our track record speaks for itself. Now that you know alittle bit more and your answer is still YES, just click the link below and check out the positions we have available for the upcoming season! Click Here for Employment Opportunities