New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, Prince Edward Island

An Island Tradition Your Whole Family Will Savour

A Meal for the Memory Books

At New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, we believe the best memories are made around the dinner table.  

We also believe in honouring what’s tried and true.

That’s why we continue to serve up the same traditional lobster supper that visitors and Islanders have been coming here to enjoy for 65 years.

We look forward to hosting your unforgettable PEI experience. 

Cooked From Scratch With Local Ingredients.

We make everything from scratch right here in our kitchen overlooking the River Clyde. Shortcuts aren’t our style and we never compromise on quality. Where possible, we source our ingredients locally, including all of our seafood, dairy, potatoes, and much of our produce. 
Fresh lobster is our speciality (and we have the on-site tanks to prove it!), but rest assured that no matter what you order, your taste buds are in for a treat. And yes, we definitely encourage bib-wearing! 

You’re Like Family to Us.

The Past & Present of Tasty the Lobster

Tasty was designed by Ralph Dickieson in the early 1970’s and has served as our mascot ever since!

Ralph Dickieson was one of the original owners of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers & the first manager. In 1988, New Glasgow Lobster Suppers celebrated their 30th anniversary by introducing their new Restaurant Manager Carl Nicholson, who was taking the place of retiree Ralph Dickieson, who still manages the restaurant to this day!

To learn more about the history of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers, click here.

The Original PEI Lobster Supper Experience. 

Family-owned and operated, we take pride in serving the original PEI lobster supper experience. Since June 24,1958 we’ve been bringing families and friends together around the dinner table for a meal like no other.

And long after the last bite of mile-high lemon meringue pie has been devoured, you’ll still be savouring memories of your PEI lobster supper experience.

While we remain dedicated to serving up the lobster supper experience that has made us a PEI bucket list experience, we are equally to meeting our customers’ needs.

There’s something for every taste and age on our menu, including gluten-free and vegetarian entrees, as well as meat and seafood options that are created with as much love and care as our lobster suppers!