Premier's Award

2009 Premier

New Glasgow Lobster Suppers was Awarded the 2009 Premier’s Award for Tourism

“The Award is a token of our Province’s appreciation in honor of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers and their hard work over the last 50 years in business,” said Minister Docherty. “Premier Ghiz felt it was a natural choice to select New Glasgow Lobster Suppers for the 2009 Tourism Award. It’s the perfect opportunity to recognize the outstanding and significant work by both Nicholson and MacRae families, and their contribution to the industry.”

The work of these individuals has reached not only the plate but also the hearts of many visitors and Islanders alike — and has become part of the fabric of a PEI vacation. The New Glasgow Lobster Suppers built its business around a community-based atmosphere by providing hundreds of Islanders with employment, purchasing local food products, and opening its doors to support several local fundraisers.