The Perfect Gift

If you ever find yourself struggling with the thought ” I don’t know what to get so-and-so”. Don’t waste another minute giving yourself a headache.

You can simply drop us an email or pick up the phone and we criver viewan put a smile on your face that says. “This is the perfect gift!”

Many people who currently do not live on PEI but have family and friends that do, often call to buy gift certificates for their    loved ones. We can either mail these out or hold onto them until those love ones come to eat. Which is the perfect idea, as then you don’t have to be wondering if your valuable purchase will arrive in one piece or on time.

Our gift certificates are rather simple – a symbol of days gone by. No rechargeable gift cards here folks. Just a nice sized piece of card stock that you can personalize yourself(or we can).  They are also one size fits all. You purchase it as a meal ticket and the gift-ee can choose if they wish to have our 1lb standard lobster meal or something else from the sea or land upon arrival. If they choose to “upsize” their meal they can also do that upon arrival. If this method is not to your liking we also have monetary value gift certificates available – you choose the amount and we’ll make it happen! All of our gift certificates are good for a year,  although I do not believe we’ve ever turned down an expired one to date.  But that’s just because we feel that when someone  loves you ( or us) enough to buy a gift certificate for a delicious meal it should be honoured no matter what.

Smiles are free so contact us today for yours!

(902)964-2870 or email