Kitchen Helpers

Kitchen Helpers work on our Line with our Cooks, baking off our Hot Rolls, and maintaining our Chowder for service.
This position is perfect for someone who is retired but looking to work part-time or for students looking to gain skills in the kitchen.
Start times vary from day to day but your Mornings will always be free as we are only open for evening service.
Duties Include:
• Works with partner Cook preparing dishes
• Prepare food items for customers using a quality predetermined method in a timely manner
• Food preparation of service, including peeling, and slicing of vegetables.
• Ensure quality of food and determine the size of food proportions
• Ensure food quality and presentation meets standards and contribute to the smooth operation of the kitchen
• Keep the work area, utensils, and production equipment in a clean, sanitized state
• Follow Health and Safety procedures and identify unsafe practices or conditions
• Be thoroughly familiar with the causes of food poisoning and the methods of its prevention
• Control waste and spoilage
• Restock any low items during the shift
• Assist all team members whenever needed
• Other responsibilities as required

• Availability to accommodate a flexible work schedule
• Experience in a similar environment is an asset
• Ability to work within a fast-paced environment
• Excellent attention to detail
• Must be able to work in September and October
Experience is an asset but not required

  • Competitive Wages
  • Gratuities
  • Flexible schedule
  • Staff Prices when dining in house
  • Staff Prices on food orders
  • Free food & drink while on shift

Interested Job Seekers can apply to Chef Mike Forrest via