55 years ago…

As many of you know we are celebrating our 55th year this season and 55 years ago today, was a day that changed the lives of many and for that I am very grateful. New Glasgow Lobster Suppers has been a 2nd home to hundreds of employees over the years, has created wonderful memories for guests and employees alike and has created a way of life for the families still involved.  It’s hard to believe that a simple idea such as a fundraising dinner could have grown into a business that is still going strong 55 years later. Creating a business was not the objective of The New Glasgow and District Junior Farmers Organization. In fact it just kind of happened on it’s on. This Organization was comprised of adult members  who had graduated from the ranks of 4-H clubs. Members were between the ages of 21-31. The group focused on farming practices, entrepreneurship and community living.

Original Building

Original building at Covehead Race Track

In 1957, after meeting in each others homes weekly the group purchased a building from the Covehead Race Track. They then moved it to its current location along side The River Clyde. On June 24 1958, The Junior Farmers group held their first lobster dinner, one of the first lobster dinners on the Island. The first customers had to wait in their cars as the temporary steps were constructed for them to enter the building. Inside the members had brought in food from their homes and served it in a very “country” atmosphere. The bare studs of the walls were showing, the tables were plywood doors laid flat on saw horses and the seats were long benches. There was no running water, so members had to bring water in by filling cream cans (80lb containers) that the farmers had used to transport cream to the factories. The meal was very simple, a cold lobster, home made rolls, potato salad and fresh desserts, followed by a dance. The cost was $1.50 per person with all proceeds going to the Junior Farmers Group.

Original Lobster Suppers, New Glasgow, PEI

June 24, 1958 First Lobster Dinner

That first meal, lead to many more organized by the group. And in 1972 twelve of the founding Junior Farmers purchased ownership making it a business not just a fundraising event. Over the years many of those Junior Farmer members stepped away from the organization to pursue other dreams but still deserve to be recognized for their time, hard work and sweat & tears that aided in the creation of what that first dinner started – an Island tradition. In 1958 there were 40 members on registry for The New Glasgow and District Junior Farmers Organization.  55 years later, many of those hard working individuals have since past on. We would like to thank those individuals for their contributions to the conception of New Glasgow Lobster Suppers. Their names and hard work will live on as an intricate part of our history.

  • William & Thelma Nicholson (founding members and owners from 1972 – present )
  • Sterling & Jean MacRae ( founding members and owners from 1972 – present )
  • Ralph & Wanda Dickieson (founding members and owners from 1972-1980) Ralph stayed on as General Manager until 1988
  • Robert & Edith Rackham (founding members and owners from 1972-1980)
  • Leith & Phyllis Dickieson (founding members and owners from 1972-1980)
  • Elbert & Shirlty Orr (founding members and owners from 1972-1980)
  • Rollie & Yvonne Larkin
  • Eric & Anna Stevenson
  • William & Gladys Andrew
  • Blois & Uldine Dickison
  • Daniel Nisbit
  • Lionel Dorion
  • Jack Chandler
  • Melvin Larkin
  • Eugene Larkin
  • Lawson Gallant
  • Justin Gallant
  • John Doyle
  • Donanald Fyfe
  • Donald Matheson
  • Alma Chandler
  • Shirley Arsenault
  • Charlie Carr
  • Shirley Gamester
  • Mark Gallant
  • Harold Gallant
  • Louis Proctor
  • Herbert Simpson
  • Donald MacInnis
  • David Hall