Lobster roll anyone?

Posted by on Monday September 21st, 2015 in Blog


It’s been a busy September so far here on the Island. Fall Flavours is in full force, and The PEI Shellfish Fesitval was over the weekend. Lots of wonderful events and wonderful food to enjoy for Islanders and CFA’s ( in Island lingo CFA means  a Come From Awayer). So Thank you to all the organizers and those who chose to take part – so much work goes into these events and it is sooo worth every last bit.  But I wanted to give a special shout out to The PEI Fisherman’s Association, Charlottetown chef Ross Munro, Food Network Canada chef Lynn Crawford and Indiana chef Matt Nolot. This weekend these fine folks set out to challenge The Guinness Book of World Records for the longest lobster roll. The roll was recorded as being 79 feet 1 inch long, consisting of 75 lbs of lobster donated by the PEI Fishermen’s Association with 20 litres of mayo, 24 lemons and 5 lbs of Onion plus seasonings. Still waiting on official word from Guiness but the current record holder The Town of Shediac holds it at 72 feet 4 inches – so I think we’ve got them beat. And of course there was no left overs – over 300 samples were given out and by the looks on everyones faces this lobster roll proves that BIGGER is BETTER!

Photo by Mitch MacDonald/The Guardian

Photo by Mitch MacDonald/The Guardian


Recently across the border a resolution was passed making September 25th National Lobster Day.  To the best of my knowledge Canada has no such day set in stone. ( we should probably bring this to someone’s attention so it can be rectified) To us here in PEI, everyday is lobster day once the fishing season opens up!

But if you are a die hard lobster fanatic like us here in New Glasgow,  I would erge you to go all out and celebrate these delectible crustacians. Throw a party, dress up AS a lobster or dress a lobster up for his special day ( just joking..) wear the bibs and toss those lobsters in a pot. Or wait, better yet let us toss them in the pot and you just sit and relax, beer in hand, bib on chest, butter dripping down your chin and say thank goodness for lobster! Happy National Lobster DAY!