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Original Building

original building at Covehead Race Track

To understand how New Glasgow Lobster Suppers became what it is today you have to go back to the beginning before there was ever even a thought of a place such as this.

In 1957, The New Glasgow and District Junior Farmers Organization consisted of 36 members between the ages of 21 and 31.

This group focused on farming practices, entrepreneurship and of course community living. Their weekly meetings were held either at a member’s home or local community building. It was decided that a permanent meeting place should be established within New Glasgow. During the search, a member was quoted as saying “I saw an article in the paper yesterday and there is a building for sale – a canteen at The Cove head Track.” The building no larger than 25’x50’ and for $210 dollars; they felt this was quite the bargain. The building was then moved to its current location, a piece of property donated by one of the members.